Avocado Toast with Foolproof Soft Boil Egg

I remember my seven year old self squabbling with my mother over what I'd eat for dinner. It was a sticky summer night, typical of Israel, we were on vacation visiting family, and all I wanted to eat was greasy, addicting fast food. Every. Night. Those burger and fries from Burger Ranch were the most exciting thing in my eyes, and though my mother justifiably disapproved, I knew I could harp on her weakness. If I begged enough, she always gave in, because that Jewish-mother-food-obsession gene is strong in her. She would go to great lengths to make sure I ate something, anything. 
As such, I've never felt debilitating hunger. I've never worried about a bare fridge. I realize even more the blessing that is when I read that 1 in 7 Americans struggle with hunger. That's huge, and pitiful. So Whitney from JewHungry collaborated with Mazon and brought together bloggers to raise awareness. She challenged us to create a meal that costs less than $5 a serving. Avocado toast with some kind of egg was the first thing that came to mind. 
Avocado toast has become such a thing in the breakfast world. I get why, and I'm a total fan. It's meat is soft and fatty, making an excellent blanket for a bare piece of toast. It's unequivocally nutritious, and relatively inexpensive given its main role in this dish. I added an egg, because protein is key for satiety. I also make a point to sprinkle chili flakes, generously. She brought it to my attention and it truly is a must. Overall, this combo is what I eat many mornings and it powers me through until the late afternoon. I could eat for any meal and every meal. At a meager $3 a serving, it's economical, quick, easy, delicious, and filling.

I usually fry my eggs but this time I attempted to go for the more delicate soft boiled egg. With a light prick of a fork, the silky, gentle flesh reveals the warm yolk. It pools all over the avocado mash and takes this whole situation up a notch. It took me a few attempts to get the right consistency. With the method below, I now get the perfect soft boil egg, every time. A noteworthy accomplishment given the amount of eggs I've used in the attempt.

Meanwhile, check what these bloggers came up with on such a tight budget:

Caramelized Onions and Three Cheeses Frittata

I’m a minimalist. I really believe I am. This time of year I’m blazing through my home, on a mission to rid our space of crumbs, and reality hit me that maybe that simplicity I crave eludes me. I went on a decluttering spree a few months ago, a little after the baby was born, and I thought I triumphed over the trinkets and things. Apparent by the garbage bags currently lining my entrance, there are more. I wonder how things, stuff, objects, stealthily make their way in. I could blame the kids, they’re an easy target, but really it’s me. Somehow the line between want and need gets blurred and I let my wants become needs. And looking around, they’re taking more space than I have to offer. Cognitive dissonance, for sure. Or maybe selective minimalism? Is that a thing? It could be a thing. Yesterday, I stared at a madeleine pan I got four years ago which I’ve baked with once and wondered how it passes my scrutiny year after year. I kept it. Maybe because of guilt, maybe because I’m hopeful, maybe because one day I will find it worthwhile to bake 12 seashell-shaped pound-cake-type of cookies instead of a more pragmatic loaf that serves a crowd and is much closer to what my life needs right now. So it’s still here; part clutter, part utensil.

Coconut Oil Lemon Bars

I note the change of seasons mainly by the calendar, but if I pay close attention I see it in the cascading bougainvillea plant I walk past every day. Its fuchsia color intensifies come spring and it blooms the tiniest white buds from its core. Its petals carpet the lawn, a welcome concealment of the parched grass, and a pretty sight for our walk home. Everything about outside is so spring. The sun beams hotter yet the breeze is assertive enough to blow stray strands across my cheek and keep things pleasant. The birds chirp louder and we’re keeping even the lightest jacket in the closet. Really, I love spring. Almost as much as autumn. The market situation is also one to anticipate. I see the strawberries perk up and get sweeter by the pint. Yet signs of a fleeting winter is evident by the remnants of citrus still waiting to be used up. That’s where these Lemon Bars belong, in this transition. 

Cheesy Pull Apart Bread

For the most part, I like to keep food clean, healthy and simple. I recently clicked through some of my previous posts, and oh my, I realized I have typos (many, and my biggest pet peeve. I blame my late night blog writing), I mention too many times how seldom I blog and I have some seriously decadent treats (fried oreos!). So I thought it perfectly acceptable to fit this Cheesy Pull Apart Bread in even though it wouldn't be called clean or healthy. It's simple, yes, and utterly addicting and delicious, as bread and cheese are by their own virtue. I promised myself just a nibble here and there but the cubes make it all too easy to pick just one more. And since the kids wouldn't touch the spicy ones, I did not need much convincing to volunteer to eat them, for the sake of not wasting of course. After all this, I can attest that with the upcoming holiday of Purim, this is a stellar appetizer for your meal. Its foolproof, delicious, warm and cheesy.

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