Meyer Lemon Pound Cake with Syrup and Glaze

There are two types of dessert people, those who will hear about nothing other than chocolate and those who legitimize fruit in desserts. I’m encamped somewhere between the two, with a slight leaning toward the chocolate crew. I think sorbet is cute and refreshing at the end of a meal, but I’ll most likely be anticipating a chocolate something next to appease the sweet tooth.
But then this cake came along and I felt miraculously satisfied by its mouth-puckering lemony taste. The meyer lemon with its inherent sweet and sour flavor translates itself perfectly into a pound cake. What takes it up a notch is the extra moistness from the syrup coupled with the sweetness from the glaze. All these elements work together to create a truly exceptional loaf. Trust me, I’ve since converted a staunch chocoholic with just a slice. It’s a must-make-stat kind of cake.

Spiced Chickpeas

These chickpeas have every flavor I love so. From the garlic to the the heat of the peppers, they’re bold and delicious. Best of all they are so easy to prepare. All it takes is a buzz from the chopper and a whirl in a skillet. They can be eaten alone, or sprinkled onto a salad or even incorporated into a side dish, like these roasted carrots. Ive also enjoyed them for breakfast with eggs. There are so many possibilities.

I am forever grateful to Debby, my father in law’s wife, who is the best cook and who first introduced me to this gem of a recipe that has quickly become a favorite.

Beet Feta Salad with Cranberries, Almonds and Sunflower Seeds

 It happens so stealthily this changing of season and transitioning of routine. I feel like I simply twirled from a bustling mid-school year to the start of summer fun. Though we have one more week left, there has been one end-of-year party so far. We've had our faces nuzzled into watermelon, there was a pool day, and I'm pretty certain the sun is beaming a little hotter. Yes, it's really unofficially summer. Come this time of year, I crave colorful salads. The vibrant colors and light fare a perfect combination that I turn to for lunch or dinner. Best of all, anything and everything goes. From fruits to nuts to greens and cheese, as well as bitter herbs. They all mesh together into a nutritious bowl of goodness.


 During my teenage years, it was quite common to find me on a typical Saturday night hanging out with friends at Pizza Pita. That place boasts a serious social scene, where everyone flocks for their veggie burgers, pizza and of course poutine. Ah, poutine. A Montreal staple. It’s decadence and comfort is something even Montrealers can’t resist, despite its commonality. I was beyond excited to see the recipe straight from the source in Leah Schapira’s and Victoria Dwek’s Seceret Restaurant Recipes. And best of all when I made it, it came out exactly like the one I’ve been craving from thousands of miles away. Even my husband was pleasantly surprised.

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