Za'atar Baked Salmon

Though I've always been attracted to simple recipes that yield a lot of flavor, I find myself falling back on even simpler ones; especially in the summer. Maybe it's the unbearable heat that has me looking for ways to get out of the kitchen or the desire to spend more time with my family sitting on the floor building lego forts. I find having these 3-4 ingredient meals that are ready in 15 minutes indispensable. And that's how I've come to include this Za'atar salmon in my repertoire. It's not much of a recipe; some spices and oil and a quick bake yields the perfect results despite the minimal effort.

Peach Panzanella Salad

  As much as I'm looking forward to wrapping myself in a cozy scarf come fall, I can't easily part with summer's produce. The stone fruits are irresistible and I find myself most often enjoying them raw, in their most elemental form, sweet and juicy and bursting with flavor.
Many times I'll have grand plans for the bounty I return with from the market, but somehow they don't last long enough to be transformed with an interesting recipe. After camp snack, breakfast treat, and dessert are ways we enjoy them unadulterated.

Asian Coleslaw Salad

 I can’t believe it has taken me so long to tell you about this salad. It has practically become a family staple. It’s interesting how it even came about. The way many recipes wiggle themselves into your life, I suppose. My father-in-law was at an event and took a taste from the salad bar. He loved one in particular and tried recreating it at home. We, his eager taste testers, which include kids and grandkids, took a bite and couldn’t stop. This salad made its appearance every single Shabbat lunch for months.

Miso Fried Fish

 There are many tastes and textures I have yet to partake of. The culinary world is filled with exotic combinations of flavors. Though knowing my picky self, many I’ll happily skip over. But one that I’ve just “discovered”, miso, has taken me by surprise. Yes, I’m embarrassed to say that this is my first encounter with miso and I’m enamored. I want to rub this salty, savory paste into everything I make. It gives the perfect balance of umami, similar to its cousin soy sauce, but with an understated depth that makes it an excellent companion to savory dishes. 
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