Welcome to my food blog.

Nestled in these pages you will find recipes for sweet, savory, (sometimes) simple and (mostly) nutritious foods. The ones I lovingly prepare for my family. That’s where my love of cooking began, in my home kitchen, where I’m continuously learning and experimenting. 

I thought you could join as well.

I cook with fresh, seasonal produce and draw inspiration from everywhere around me. I get sheer satisfaction when I prepare a delectable dish for friends and family (and perfect strangers too). It’s my way of giving that breeds closeness and warmth; a way to share the blessings of good food and sustenance.

I also love photographing, whether it’s my children’s mischievous grins or a luscious piece of cake. Photography is my hobby, my passion, my journey. I hope you will follow along as I grow and develop in this craft.

Thank you for stopping by. I enjoy the company.

From my spoon to yours,

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