perfectly fried, golden schnitzel

May 23, 2013

Do you cook lunch on Fridays? I usually have so much to do for Shabbat that I can't see past the uncrossed tasks on my to do list. If someone trespasses into my territory (that would be the kitchen) looking for something to eat, I send them off with a slice of bell pepper. If they're really hungry it's a bland slice of bread with peanut butter or maybe cereal and milk. There are too many things to do that lunch is a meal that eludes me on Fridays.

Of course, my mother, the home-cooking superstar that she is, makes lunch for her family on Fridays. And I really mean every Friday, without fail.

Lucky for us, it's always perfectly fried, golden schnitzel.

I rarely fry foods in my kitchen. And it would be even rarer for me to put in the effort to make schnitzel just for lunch on a busy Friday. But when it's made for me by someone else, well, that's a different story. I'll happily fix myself a plate with the most amazing matbucha and my mother's roasted jalapenos. 

After the first bite, I'll wonder why I don't make schnitzel more often. After the second, I'll consider taking on this practice of such a delicious lunch. And after the third bite, I become realistic and know that I will not make fried foods often because it's unhealthy, nor will I make it on Fridays like my mother as you surely understood by now why. I'll just enjoy each delicious bite and wish my mother lived in the same city so I can have this taste of home every week.

The key here is to marinate the chicken breast overnight (or at least for an hour or two) to let the flavors blend into the meat. I also think it's important to have thinly sliced chicken breast slices. If yours are a little on the thick side, you can pound them so they become thinner. It makes a world of a difference.

1lb chicken breast, thinly sliced
3 eggs, beaten
1 head garlic, minced
2 cups breadcrumbs (flavored or unflavored, both are good)


Marinate the chicken breast in the eggs, garlic, salt, and pepper overnight (or at least one hour). 

Heat a fry pan on medium heat with enough oil so it's a least 1 inch deep. The oil is hot enough if when you splash water drops it sizzles. 

Dredge each chicken breast in the breadcrumbs, coating each side generously and fry for a minute or two on each side, or until each slice is perfectly golden. 



  1. I don't make this often either but I love schnitzel so when I do I make a double batch and freeze some for when I need a quick dinner. Lunch? Forgettaboutit. Fridays,shmidays. Just not gonna happen at my house. That's what yogurt is for. Or hard cooked eggs.

  2. I haven't made schnitzel in a long time, but we also love it. I also make extra to freeze. Whenever I am making it, I always make some small nugget/finger size pieces so that people can pick nibble at it.

  3. ooh your shnitzel looks awesome! i never make it myself, but now i think i'll have to one day soon.

  4. this look delicious! my freezer is stocked with baked "shnitzel" right now so i don't starve if i don't have time to cook, but this looks way better!

  5. We love shnitzel in my house even though I don't like to fry often either and this looks perfectly cooked, got to make it with your matbucha next time and those roasted jalapenos looks fantastic, I just bought a plant of Shisito peppers that are so good roasted, can't wait for them to grow.

  6. We love Shnitzel in my house. We also rarely fry anything, but any time we make schnitzel it is definitely worth the effort! Yours looks so nice and crunchy. I am getting hungry!

  7. Crispy fried shnitzel is my ultimate comfort food.

  8. Perfectly fried and tender really can't get any better then that!

  9. Fried shnitzel is a winner, always, although I will admit to baking it when I am not in the mood for the mess :)

  10. This chicken is beautiful!!! I never make shnitzel but I love how you marinated the chicken ingredients overnight. Very very smart! Maybe I'll try this with baked chicken too.

  11. It looks delicious, but I dare not make this myself for fear of eating it all.

  12. I'm with Yosef - but it's DH that would eat it all! I'd help..especially if it looked as good as this!

  13. I make shnitzel almost every shabbos. It's a staple in my home. I like the idea of marinating it, never tried that!


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