my MIA status

April 15, 2012

I can't believe it's been two whole months since my last blog post. That's close to blogging eternity. I  watched as my rss reader filled up with new exciting posts from fellow bloggers, and I sat out on the sidelines, wishing and willing myself to blog about all these exciting ideas percolating in my mind.

There is a reason of course that I procrastinated. It came in the form of an unexpected slow thyroid that put me on a newborn's sleeping schedule (literally), two rambunctious children in need of constant entertainment, and life's unexpected occurrences that happen when you least want them to. Add in some pesach cleaning, some guest entertaining and some to-do list crossing, and I wasn't left with much time.

Ever so slowly blogging was pushed aside, until it (sadly) fell by the wayside.

But I miss you and I miss my dusty camera.

I promise I'll be back very, very soon with some great new posts!


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