Happily (dis)Organized

November 21, 2011

I love feeling organized. Knowing that my home and life have structure gives me a sense of serenity in the hectic world of being a stay at home mom to two under two (who actually stay at home). I should note these aforementioned children get real satisfaction from making a mess. Really, just watch my oldest daughter's face light up in glee as she dumps a bagful of blocks on the floor and runs away giggling, totally disinterested in actually playing with the blocks. Or my baby boy's reaction when he splatters his food all over his face, clothes, highchair, and floor, and subsequently laughs out loud. For now he's still immobile and has yet to graduate into serious mess-making.

Given this constant cycle of mess, clean-up, mess, clean-up, mess, mess, mess, getting organized is totally overwhelming. Who wants to organize after cleaning up? And so, I usually accept my state of disorganization, even happily. After all it carries with it an exciting element of surprise. You really never know what you might find in the pantry! Or just when you thought you ran out of diapers, one pops up in your husband's sock drawer. All that is fun until your husband asks you for that really important document that you really remember putting somewhere but really don't know where. That's when the tension starts. Or, when you're running out of the house and you just know you left your camera in the letter box, yet it's not there and you momentarily suspect the housekeeper of thievery even though you really know it's your own fault of disorganization.

So, as these are true stories, I decided to get my home and life organized, despite it's short life span. I've found a home for my camera, stocked up on diapers, and bought cute storage containers to tidy up my pantry. Now I'll certainly be motivated to return the misplaced pieces of chalk and crayons so they don't obscure the pretty view of pasta and cereal.

While I'm at it, I even made checklists of food and home supplies, thereby saving my husband nocturnal trips to the 24hr Walgreens because I forgot (again) to buy infant tylenol despite having spent a considerable amount of time at Target the very same morning.

These checklists that I've created and some that I've found online will help get yourself happily organized. It will relieve anxiety and make you happier and more productive. If you're house is a total mess (like mine was), make yourself a favor and get a housekeeper to help you! You'll feel like you lost 10 pounds. And then, streamline your weekly routine and responsibilities with these fun documents.

I've included my food and home shopping checklist, my Shabbat preparation menu and checklist (the idealized version, not everything on there ends up being made!), and some fun documents that can help you remember to do things you always (conveniently) forget! (like sweeping under the rug or your mother-in-law's birthday)

Happy Organizing!

And because it just wouldn't be appropriate to post without a "photograph," I've taken a portrait of my lovely Oxo containers I finally caved in and purchased, albeit on sale!

Continue for lists (not recipe!), I'm clueless on how to change that!

p.s. I know not everyone has nana, gamadim, and borekas on their food list (can you tell I'm Israeli?) or plastic cutlery (for all those greenies), so you can easily make your own checklists and be inspired by these.

p.p.s. in case you were wondering it's Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Pasta and Cheerios :)

p.p.s. Please share these with anyone whom it can benefit. I'd love to know I've helped someone!

The list of lists:

My Food Shopping List

My Home Inventory List

My Shabbat Checklist

A Helpful Weekly Cleaning Checklist (courtesty of Simplemom.net)

Meal Planning 

Dates to Remember

Recipe Sheet

Party Planner


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  2. Very nice, thank you for the excellent printouts, totally printing out the meal planner and food shopping list! Thank you!

  3. thanks Chana for being my #1 fan! lol

    i really hope these help!

  4. Great lists! I put mine inside plastic sheets and check things off with a sharpie, and then I erase them with acetone.

  5. such a great idea!! that way you only need to print them out once.

    thanks chaya


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